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Matthias Mollner — 140+

„Diese Krankheit ste­ht zur Erschöp­fung wie eine Atom­bombe zu einem Stre­ich­holz. Es ist eine absurde Fehlcharakterisierung“

Lau­ra Hillenbrand

140 C‑Prints, Nägel
Ca. 273 x 295 cm

Symp­tome Judith Schoßböck

Diese Symp­tom-Liste basiert auf ein­er sub­jek­tiv­en Krankheit­ser­fahrung und den dabei wahrgenomme­nen Symp­tomen und
nicht auf diag­nos­tis­chen Werten oder Bezeichnungen.

Update: 02.05.2024

1) Burn­ing feet
2) Sweaty feet and hands
3) Tem­per­a­ture dys­reg­u­la­tion (can’t keep warm)
4) Flu like symp­toms (“neu­ro-flu” in whole body, but no fever)
5) Extreme fatigue (neu­ro­log­i­cal and phys­i­cal)
6) Burn­ing Mouth Syn­drome
7) Burn­ing hands and upper arms
8) Dyshidro­sis (blis­ters on skin and con­tact aller­gy), par­tic­u­lar­ly on hands and feet
9) Danc­ing nerves in gut (auto­nom­ic dys­func­tion)
10) Post nasal drip
11) Sore throat
12) Hoarse voice and/or inabil­i­ty to talk
13) Pain under left ribcage
14) “Whale” and rum­bling in stom­ach (irri­tat­ing like being poi­soned)
15) Strong med­ica­tion hypersensitivity/related to dos­ing and MCAS (Mast Cell Acti­va­tion Syn­drome)
16) Full body paren­the­sia (the feel­ing of bit­ing bugs on your skin)
17) The feel­ing of the whole ner­vous sys­tem being on fire/burning
18) Burn­ing spine
19) Neu­ral­gia in the ear (cere­brospinal flu­id pres­sure issues)
20) Pres­sure in the head or on the ears
21) Throat sen­si­tiv­i­ty and tick­ling
22) Silent reflux
23) Diar­rhoea
24) Pan­creas Insuf­fi­cien­cy (=lack of diges­tive enzyme pro­duc­tion)
25) Intol­er­ance of alco­hol and chem­i­cals
26) Intol­er­ance to cof­fee or any oth­er stim­u­lant
27) Floaters in eyes (black spots, in par­tic­u­lar when look­ing into the light)
28) Blur­ry vision and visu­al hal­lu­ci­na­tions (things appear as mov­ing but are not)
29) Skin eczema (ran­dom body parts, wrists and arms)
30) Itchy skin (upper body, legs)
31) Dry skin (every­where)
32) Men­tal Post Excer­ca­tion­al Malaise (PEM — loss of men­tal ener­gy) in crash
33) Dis­so­ci­a­tion attacks
34) “Pseu­do-OCD” like feel­ings due to liv­ing in a prison that is your brain (things around you gain an abnor­mal impor­tance or inten­si­ty, also big objects or new infor­ma­tion is hard to intro­duce while brain feels more inflamed)
35) Extreme hyper­a­cu­sis (to the point that birds, walk­ing in room, or water poured in a glass can hurt)
36) Tin­ni­tus and con­stant loud ring­ing in ears (like a bro­ken fridge)
37) Sound hal­lu­ci­na­tions (for instance rain, water pour­ing down the house, when it’s not rain­ing)
38) “Brain inflam­ma­tion feel­ing”: brain expan­sion, pound­ing brain, every­thing gains too much inten­si­ty
39) Post­pran­di­al syn­drome: Increase of neu­ro­log­i­cal symp­toms after eat­ing
40) Burn­ing between shoul­der blades and pain in the mus­cles around them
41) Spinal weak­ness and burn­ing pain at lum­bar punc­ture site (and area below)
42) Low ft3 (thy­roid hor­mone) and fluc­tu­at­ing TSH (con­ver­sion prob­lem, prob­lems to adapt thy­roid med­ica­tion, strong reac­tion to thy­roid med­ica­tion)
43) Clench­ing jaw, par­tic­u­lar­ly at night (inter­mit­tent­ly)
44) “IBS‑D”, in rela­tion to exer­tion or MCAS
45) POTS (Dysau­tono­mia of the heart): increase of heart rate when sit­ting or stand­ing
46) “Pseu­do pan­ic” with­out any trigger/neuro sys­tem attacks as a form of PEM (in par­tic­u­lar when adjust­ing to a new base­line or in big crash)
47) 24/7 wired ner­vous sys­tem
48) The feel­ing that the vagus nerve is stuck, or blown up, or on fire
49) Short­ened sleep (and insom­nia)
50) Too sharp vision when ner­vous sys­tem is dys­reg­u­lat­ed (but also blur­ry vision since lum­bar punc­ture)
51) (Phys­i­cal) adren­a­line rush­es through the body
52) Hyper­ac­tiv­i­ty (and fake adren­a­line)
53) Feel­ing of lead in the body (after eat­ing or wak­ing up or doing things)
54) The feel­ing of a knife in the upper back
55) Nau­sea (neurological/PENE)
56) Mast Cell Acti­va­tion Syn­drome (immune sys­tem dysfunction/reactions) to ran­dom trig­gers (med­ica­tion, tem­per­a­ture, stress, vibra­tion,…)
57) Food sen­si­tiv­i­ty and his­t­a­mine intol­er­ance (low DAO)
58) Immune sys­tem prob­lems (catch every­thing)
59) Extreme heat in my whole body (in par­tic­u­lar when low­er body tem­per­a­ture)
60) Cold hands and feet
61) Pain and bleed­ing in gum area, pain sen­si­tive teeth
62) Con­stant­ly blocked ears and nose (24/7 swelling)
63) Burn­ing eyes
64) Neu­ro­mus­cu­lar pain (wan­der­ing, full body or thighs)
65) Lack of stress resis­tance (in par­tic­u­lar in crash)
66) Intol­er­ance to direct com­mu­ni­ca­tion (includ­ing peo­ple sen­si­tiv­i­ty when hav­ing peo­ple in the room)
67) “Brain fog” and trou­ble con­cen­trat­ing (par­tic­u­lar­ly in non-writ­ten com­mu­ni­ca­tion)
68) Short term mem­o­ry prob­lems and word find­ing prob­lems
69) Burn­ing and pulling of/on upper cra­nial nerves
70) Hot flash­es in whole body and sweat attacks (for instance after talk­ing or eat­ing)
71) Burn­ing cheeks
72) Weak and shaky limbs
73) Dry mouth
74) Unusu­al thirst or hunger, also as attacks (hints of mal­nu­tri­tion in blood work)
75) Hyper­sen­si­tiv­i­ty to smell (attacks)
76) Taste hyper­sen­si­tiv­i­ty (things taste wrong­ly or dif­fer­ent­ly, met­al taste)
77) Burn­ing fore­head
78) “Stone feel­ing” in stom­ach and pres­sure on stom­ach
79) Lipo­ma in upper body
80) Dif­fi­cul­ty to breath (breath­ing as a con­scious effort)
81) Fast chang­ing visions when clos­ing my eyes (when ner­vous sys­tem is wired)
82) Twitch­ing and neu­ro­log­i­cal­ly loaded eye­lids (flick­er­ing)
83) “Empti­ness” as a form of PEM (like a demon tak­ing over, relat­ed to the feel­ing of brain inflam­ma­tion, relat­ed to loss of brain ener­gy and move­ment)
84) Painful acti­va­tion of blad­der, sen­si­tive blad­der
85) Itchy scalp
86) Ants in the brain
87) Pain in the solar plexus
88) Jaw and tooth ache (often in com­bi­na­tion with burn­ing mouth syn­drome)
89) Pain at lum­bar punc­ture site (feels like a too nar­row, burn­ing and weak spinal canal)
90) Inabil­i­ty to lie on the stom­ach after lum­bar punc­ture (plus dou­ble disc her­ni­a­tion touch­ing on a nerve root (NRL5))
91) Tarlov cyst in cer­vi­cal area
92) Painful toe­nails
93) No thy­roid (diag­nos­tic thy­roidec­to­my) and hence more sen­si­tive throat area
94) The feel­ing of your whole ner­vous sys­tem pound­ing
95) Strong­ly noticed heart­beat (may be due to POTS med­ica­tion)
96) Very strong migraines (since spinal leak/lumbar punc­ture)
97) Pre men­stru­al syn­drome
98) Eustachi­an tube dys­func­tion (prone to sec­ondary infec­tion)
99) The feel­ing of my thighs burn­ing
100) Less restora­tive sleep (too long, extreme­ly fatigued in the morn­ing)
101) Brain freeze (the feel­ing of your brain “freez­ing” and “tight­en­ing”)
102) The feel­ing like being on a boat when lying down (cere­brospinal flu­id pres­sure issue)
103) Neck stiff­ness and pain, burn­ing
104) Hear­ing crack­ing sounds in your head
105) Ten­don issues and heal­ing issues through­out the body (fin­gers, knee, ankle, shoul­der…)
106) Cir­cu­la­tion issues in extrem­i­ties (limbs going numb or falling asleep eas­i­ly)
107) Low­er blood pres­sure
108) Brady­car­dia in sleep and crash
109) Fever blis­ters when get­ting too hot
110) Tin­gling in fin­gers
111) Occa­sion­al­ly pain in anus
112) Bad taste in mouth (neu­ro­log­i­cal mis­fir­ing?)
113) Spots in unusu­al places such as décol­leté
114) Occa­sion­al­ly abscess in vagi­na (usu­al­ly relat­ed to hor­mon­al changes)
115) Low libido
116) Canker sores in mouth
117) Bub­bles in gut and often exces­sive fart­ing and burp­ing
118) Unreg­u­lar peri­ods and ear­ly menopause symp­toms
119) Dry eyes
120) Pres­sure on eyes
121) Painful “stab­bing” and pres­sure in the kid­ney area (result­ing from back pain)? — the feel­ing of hav­ing two stones in my back
122) Increased uri­nary fre­quen­cy (inter­mit­tent­ly)
123) Pain in one spot in the bel­ly on the right
124) Hot neck (like flu and ill­ness would come from the neck and back)
125) Pain in breast or tho­racic area
126) The feel­ing of a painful blad­der infec­tion (non-bac­te­r­i­al infec­tion)
127) Burn­ing tail­bone
128) Bit­ing burn­ing pain in anus and coc­cyx
129) Bit­ing burn­ing pain in thighs, some­times spread­ing to extrem­i­ties and tin­gling
130) Brain zaps in sleep (feel­ing of one sin­gle elec­tric shock in the brain)
131) Cold or hot feel­ing on low­er arms (most­ly togeth­er with burn­ing feel­ing in the ner­vous sys­tem)
132) Pain in fin­gers and knuck­les
133) A feel­ing of sand in the brain (in a phys­i­cal way, not cog­ni­tive­ly, but often after cog­ni­tive activ­i­ty)
134) Numb parts on the scalp (behind the ears and on the base and back of the head)
135) Inflam­ma­tion in den­tal gums
136) Anger and rage before cras
137) The feel­ing that your face freezes — like a reac­tion to ice — but while being hot
138) Burn­ing and sen­si­tive back of the head and scalp (where touch­ing the pil­low)
139) Cramp­ing of whole low­er lum­bar area, also on the back­side
140) The feel­ing of a spi­der­web on your skin that isn’t there
141) The entire ENT canal (ears, nose, throat) swollen
142) Swollen throat or chok­ing from drink­ing
143) Dis­tort­ed sense of time (time is nev­er-end­ing) in crash or brain inflam­ma­tion mode
144) The feel­ing of a painful hair band around your head
145) Painful tear­ing on the dura in the back when lying on the side (both sides)
146) Burn­ing in head when swal­low­ing pills
147) Pude­nus­neu­ral­gia
148) Feel­ing of a neu­ro­log­i­cal “cac­tus” and globus in throat (con­stant acti­va­tion for a longer peri­od of time)
149) Burn­ing from the ear (feels like hot steam com­ing out from it)
150) Extreme thirst attacks that feel like attacks from the brain
151) Aller­gy and hives in the hol­low of the knee
152) Burn­ing stom­ach attacks (that are relat­ed to burn­ing in the brain), pain in stom­ach (trig­ger can be drink­ing)
153) Air hunger and nos­trils clos­ing (some­times relat­ed to hyper­sen­si­tiv­i­ty to smell, some­times to tem­per­a­ture changes)
154) Inabil­i­ty to tol­er­ate arti­fi­cial tem­per­a­ture changes or too hot things next to the body
155) Very painful peri­od attacks togeth­er with cramp­ing of back nerves (attack will last a few hours, then back to nor­mal peri­od pain)
157) Intol­er­ance to all food (even save foods) relat­ed to low grade brain inflam­ma­tion, and liq­uids
158) Aller­gy against colour­ing agents in cer­tain med­ica­tion
159) Poi­soned feel­ing in whole ner­vous sys­tem (and brain, togeth­er with sick feel on tongue)
160) Hair loss (more than usu­al amount)
161) Milky toe­nails (lack of min­er­als or vit­a­mins?)
162) Crunch­ing in ear, syn­chro­nous with heart beat (and feel­ing of some­thing stuck in the ear)
163) Itchy blis­ters on the skin (Petechi­ae)
164) “Dis­lo­cat­ing” and “over-trained” ten­dons, anatom­i­cal changes in knee and joints
165) Low­er abdom­i­nal pain
166) Swollen vagi­na
167) Painful cramp­ing (con­stant­ly, but also neu­ro­log­i­cal attacks) in par­tic­u­lar on the upper body, shoul­ders, and wrists (part­ly relat­ed to weak­ness in the limbs)
168) Inflam­ma­tion in/around navel and bel­ly area
169) The feel­ing of fur in your throat
170) Cramp­ing brain attacks
171) Inabil­i­ty to speak more than a few words on most days
172) Air hunger from drink­ing and in gen­er­al
173) At times intol­er­ance of sleeping/eye mask (too acti­vat­ing)
174) Intol­er­ance of ice pack on fore­head (at times too acti­vat­ing)
175) The feel­ing of hot balls or paral­ysed nerves next to my stom­ach area
176) Long peri­od of intol­er­ance to sup­ple­ments (poi­soned feel­ing and hyper­sen­si­tiv­i­ty of nerves in whole gas­tro tract)
177) Pain in esoph­a­gus
178) Eye inflam­ma­tion or con­junc­tivi­tis from mobile usage
179) Burn­ing in vagi­na that is not thrush
180) Extreme sweat and brain inflam­ma­tion attacks as reac­tion to under­cool­ing
181) The feel­ing of drink­ing dust with water when there is no dust in the cup (mis­fir­ing nerves and phan­tom feel­ing)
182) Painful legs from wear­ing com­pres­sion stock­ings
183) Inflam­ma­tion in toe­nails (and brown colour­ing)
184) Con­sti­pa­tion
185) The feel­ing like some­one hit you in the stom­ach out of the blue
186) Pain in ham­strings
187) Numb tongue (simul­ta­ne­ous to pain in neck)
188) Swollen lymph nodes, such as axil­lary lym­phadenopa­thy
190) Pain in nerves in heart area
191) Insect bites lead to inflam­ma­tion
192) Gas­tri­tis feel­ings and cramp­ing in bel­ly, epi­gas­tric pain into the back
193) sud­den severe one sided neck pain (comes and goes)
194) woosh­ing sounds in the brain that wake you up
195) The feel­ing like you have been par­ty­ing and drink­ing for three days with­out sleep
196) Hic­cups that won’t stop
197) Dry­ness attacks around mid­day, with no salvia, some­times with agi­ta­tion
198) Hunger and thirst attacks that don’t let you sleep, between 2–6am
199) The feel­ing like some­one is pulling on your vagus nerve
200) Toe­nails not grow­ing and inflamed
201) Stab­bing pain in the head — with a ten­den­cy on the right side
202) Numb toes
203) Twitchy eyes when clos­ing them due to over-stim­u­la­tion
204) Exces­sive pee­ing fol­low­ing thirst attacks at night